Strategies for using UC to its fullest potential

Take advantage of your VoIP system.

Implementing a unified communications strategy can be one of the best things a business can do. Many companies are starting to implement VoIP solutions into their technological portfolios for several different reasons. Because it allows communications to take place over an Internet connection instead of via a landline, it offers cost savings from reductions in operational expenditures and can make a difference when it comes to customer service.

According to Transparency Market Research, the VoIP services market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.7 percent from 2014 to 2020, eventually reaching a total market worth of $136.76 billion globally. The research group also projected that the total number of VoIP subscribers will reach 348.5 million in 2020, TelecomLead reported.

Clearly, individuals and companies alike are finding uses for VoIP technology. Business owners should consider ways of making sure they are capitalizing on the many benefits of UC and softphones. Here are a few tips:

"The total number of VoIP subscribers will reach 348.5 million in 2020."

Use it to empower your employees
One of the biggest benefits of UC is that it can help your company increase productivity. If employees have access to communications systems no matter where they are, it's more likely that companies will see an increase in productivity from those workers. According to NetworkWorld contributor Chris Daly, what was originally thought of as a soft benefit of these phone systems is actually turning into an ROI generator for those businesses implementing UC. It makes organizations more operationally efficient by streamlining workflows – the ones your employees oversee on a day-to-day basis.

So business owners who invest in UC technologies need to make sure they empower their employees when it comes to using the technology, whether they be remote workers or are traveling for the company. Allow them to utilize the communication tools to collaborate with business partners and co-workers from wherever they are – either at home or on the go. Putting a work-from-home policy in place is a good first step in using the productivity benefits of UC to their full potential.

It's important to make sure your employees feel empowered to use your UC system no matter where they are.It's important to make sure your employees feel empowered to use your UC system no matter where they are.

Take advantage of increased presence
UC systems also allow companies to increase their phone presence. According to Tech Radar contributor Arif Mohamed, this creates an instant understanding of which individuals are free to take calls or what is the best way to contact certain people.

"Like the status indicator used in social networking applications, presence can indicate whether the recipient is available on their mobile, home phone, desk phone and so on; and whether they are in a meeting, working from home or driving between meetings," Mohamed wrote.

Businesses should make sure to utilize the presence technology for its intended purpose. Employees can quickly locate and communicate with the correct expert when they can see who is on the system at the time. Mohamed wrote that these correspondences may start out at the unified messaging stage and then move into video conferencing or other forms of communication that may be necessary for the exchange.

There are many other ways UC can benefit businesses. For organizations to get the most out of their systems, they should empower their employees and utilize the presence technology to its fullest capacity.