Security should be a priority for all business communications technology

Security should be a priority for all business communications technology

In order to remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets, businesses need to embrace advanced, sophisticated business communications technology. Without video conferencing, find me follow me, voicemail to email and other unified communications channels in place, employees cannot possibly achieve maximum performance. Company leaders, aware of this fact, are adopting UC solutions at a breakneck pace.

This can lead to problems. Notably, the rush to embrace UC can potentially put companies at risk if the solutions chosen lack sufficient security. Considering the potential consequences of a security breach in this area, it is fair to say that security should be a high-level priority whenever a company pursues new business communications technology.

Understanding the risks
To understand why security should be among the most important factors when considering new UC options, it is first necessary to look at the risks presented by unsecured UC solutions. 

The prime benefit of UC and all of its components is that these solutions improve connections and access between employees and their clients and colleagues. Users can share their screen and send and receive files, all through a single interface. This means that if an unauthorized entity gains control of any aspect of the UC system, the entire network may be at risk of a breach. And breaches can be devastating.

Aside from the direct damage, such as stolen funds, lost files and corrupted data, breaches have a tremendous impact on a company's reputation. Consumers, as well as business decision-makers, fully understand the importance of protecting themselves from cybercriminals and hackers, lest they become the victims of fraud or identity theft. They also know that one of the best ways to protect themselves and their organizations is to shun companies with histories of security problems. An unsecured UC solution can therefore lead directly to a loss of customers and a dip in the company's bottom line.

Getting secure
The best way to avoid this risk is to conduct a thorough investigation before selecting any UC solution. Decision-makers should specifically look for UC vendors and solution providers with a history of dependability and an emphasis on security. Ideally, the vendor should also work with extremely security-sensitive organizations, such as government agencies. If this is the case, decision-makers can safely assume that the UC service provider has proven the trustworthiness of its offerings.