Say goodbye to traditional landlines for business phone services

Say goodbye to traditional landlines for business phone services

Unified communications technology has accelerated throughout the past decade, with more businesses moving away from traditional voice, video and messaging services to deploy the most advanced solutions on the market. Voice over Internet Protocol is likely chief among the new age of corporate communications equipment, and has effectively overtaken the market that was long dominated by Public Switch Telephone Network systems. 

Business News Daily recently explained some of the pros VoIP as it compares to PSTN options, asserting that the most common benefit in the eyes of companies is cost savings. Compared to traditional accounts for voice capabilities, VoIP has been found to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership from the time of deployment and through the lifecycle of the systems. 

However, cost savings is not the only advantage that comes with VoIP phone systems, as the source explained that the advanced features are the hotter selling points in the modern market. A greater majority of VoIP products are now including multi-device access, call forwarding, voicemail and other features directly within the accounts, saving money and driving productivity more than traditional options could ever compete with. 

According to the news provider, organizations are also increasingly looking to bundle their communications expenditures through a single UC service provider, and traditional landline options simply do not come with this opportunity. Business News Daily noted that the potential customization possibilities with VoIP systems are also much higher than those of PSTN products. 

Companies that have not yet modernized their communications frameworks are likely not enjoying optimal working environments that maximize efficiency and productivity among employees. By deploying UC strategies now that incorporate the various necessary tools in the modern market, including VoIP, video conferencing and instant messaging, organizations can quickly boost their collaborative power.