Potential video conferencing solution applications expand

Potential video conferencing solution applications expand

Although Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems are often the centerpiece of unified communications strategies, video conferencing utilities continue to become more popular among private and public sector firms. This should not be surprising given the vast cost-control benefits that come along with these technologies, as well as the enhanced collaborative power a business can instill throughout its various departments and locations. 

There is no doubting that the average business is becoming more globalized and spread out with the passing of each year, and this transition is catalyzing increased demand for video conferencing and other affordable communications solutions. Additionally, as businesses and public sector agencies use the tools more regularly, a wider pool of potential applications has arisen in the past few years. 

Courts getting down
The News and Advance recently reported that several court systems have increased their investments in video conferencing technology, and that these tools have helped drive security and productivity on a large scale. Citing the comments of one judge that has been at the helm for more than 13 years, the source stated that the monitors that are now in place in the Lynchburg General District Court have helped to bolster comfort levels of officials since being deployed. 

However, improving the protection of those working in these environments is far from being the only driver of increased demand for the solutions. According to the news provider, video conference tools have been a major investment because they reduce the amount of travel necessary to bring alleged offenders and their counsel to the actual courtroom. 

Still, The News and Advance noted that Judge Ed Burnette is beginning to feel more at-ease when ruling over various criminal cases. 

"From a security standpoint, I certainly am more comfortable dealing with these individuals," Burnette told the source. "As a whole, the courthouse itself is a more secure area. It certainly helps us with our security and our efficiency."

Endless opportunities
With video conferencing solutions companies can become more efficient almost instantly, as the amount of expenditures that would otherwise be directed toward travel costs and traditional telephone accounts will be inherently minimized. From interviewing applicants who are out of state to conducting meetings with important clients overseas, this form of modern communication can have tremendously positive impacts on any organization. 

Additionally, when using video conferencing tools that are integrated with other UC frameworks, the efficiency gains will be even more substantial.