Study reveals common issues in BYOD security

Enterprise mobility has been one of the hottest trends in corporate computing throughout the past several years, and more businesses have deployed BYOD than those that are still avoiding it altogether.

Health care providers capture the power of video conferencing

Video conferencing has been one of the hottest aspects of unified communications in a variety of industries throughout the past several years, as it might actually be the most financially component of the overarching strategies available today.

The evolution of unified communications solutions

Although certain aspects of unified communications - namely Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems - have been around for more than a decade, the market has accelerated significantly in the past few years, driven by increased demand from corporate decision-makers.

Video conferencing breaks into the mainstream

When video conferencing technology first started to make its way into the average workplace, most leaders would leverage the tools to streamline the efficiency of meetings.

Legal sector remains aggressive in video conferencing deployments

Although unified communications has had a profound impact on a wide variety of sectors from around the globe throughout the past several years, certain organizations have been more aggressive than others in their provisioning and deployment processes.

Another security consideration for VoIP system deployments

Business communications technology continues to diversify at a rapid rate, while a broader range of organizations have adopted the most advanced solutions possible to enhance their collaborative power and drive down costs.

Do not forget training in BYOD deployments

BYOD has been one of the hottest trends in corporate computing throughout the past three years, as more organizations work to enable the use of personal smartphones and tablets in and outside of the workplace.

All signs point to the great VoIP migration

Voice over Internet Protocol, the centerpiece of many unified communications strategies, continues to become more popular among businesses of varying sizes.