Video conferencing’s spread remains in health care

Public sector agencies, multinational enterprises, small businesses and many others have been aggressively pursuing more robust video conferencing solutions in the past few years - and for good reason.

UC positively impacts the corporate bottom line

The massive transition away from traditional phone services and toward modern Voice over Internet Protocol business systems has had a profound impact on organizations from around the world, as well as of all sizes and in virtually every industry.

Are your UC performances optimal?

Unified communications remains as one of the most important trends in corporate computing and provisioning, as the number and diversity of tools that need to be integrated have exploded in the past few years.

Simple steps toward stronger UC returns

Many companies will cite stronger spend management performances as a core reason for adopting unified communications solutions, and the level of savings that can come from these investments are significant.

Health care providers hopping aboard the UC gravy train

Medical organizations have long been at the cutting edge of technological advances and deployments, but this has become especially true in the past 16 years since the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act was passed.

The entrepreneurial angle on unified communications

Unified communications has quietly become one of the hottest trends in corporate computing today, while other, more flashy movements such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things have stolen some of the spotlight.

Video conferencing growing fast

In the past several years, more businesses and public sector agencies have adopted and launched video conferencing solutions to connect their employees and clientele regardless of where each party might be at any given time.

Why is UC growing in popularity?

Unified communications solutions continue to be in high demand around the globe, with emerging markets seeing the broadest level of growth.

Are you using a cookie cutter for your UC?

As is the case with any blossoming industry, the technology behind unified communications began as a bit one-dimensional, with companies only having a few options to choose from and a small level of potential applications.

A closer look at why UC is growing in certain markets

The global economy is now in full swing, as businesses - especially smaller, entrepreneurial ventures - that would once have never been able to operate internationally begin to leverage advanced technologies and communications solutions to broaden their horizons.