Prioritize the user experience for UC success

Failure to take into account the actual ways that employees want and need to communicate will lead to a subpar UC solution, one which will lead to disappointing results.

Do you have optimized VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services have become relatively ubiquitous in the past few years, as these pieces of equipment tend to act as the foundation of other unified communications strategies.

Are you ready for video conferencing success?

There is no denying that unified communications is a more legitimate area of investment for organizations in virtually every industry, with small businesses becoming specifically more engaged in Voice over Internet Protocol and video conferencing strategies.

Trends in VoIP adoption and use

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have been among the most common initialĀ investments in the unified communications realm, and this has remained consistent since the early 2000s.

Keep an eye on telecommuters’ behaviors

Unified communications has ushered in a new era of corporate productivity, driven by more flexible working environments in which employees can access networks and data from a wealth of locations, so long as they have Internet-connected devices.

Protect VoIP systems from new threat

One of the greatest advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services is that the technology essentially digitizes traditional communications, making them more affordable over time, and often more reliable to boot.

Keeping pace with UC’s evolution

As small business owners become a bit more aggressive in their unified communications and IT investments, the need for forward-thinking continues to intensify, as future-proofed provisions will tend to yield the strongest returns over time.