When was the last time you adjusted UC security frameworks?

Unified communications have become a far more prolific aspect of corporate technology provisioning strategies in recent years, driven by organizations' need to have more efficient, integrated and affordable collaboration utilities in place.

VoIP demand growing, and here is why

When a new technology makes waves right out of the gate, some experts and analysts will begin to question just how long growth can be sustained, and this has certainly been a theme among unified communications tools.

Integration key in UC success

It should be no surprise that the average organization is directing more of its annual budget toward unified communications, enterprise mobility and advanced technologies of many kinds.

More public sector agencies leveraging video conference tools

Although the private sector has certainly been at the cutting edge of unified communications deployments in the past few years, notably with the mass shift away from traditional phones and toward Voice over Internet Protocol systems, the public sector has been just as aggressive in its investments.

VoIP diversifying, businesses reaping the benefits

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have quietly and quickly become some of the most highly demanded aspects of unified communications, with a growing majority of organizations making the switch away from traditional equipment and toward these digital, feature-rich options.

Why UC is simply part of the modern workplace

Businesses continue to invest more in communications solutions and IT equipment with the passing of each year, as the average workplace becomes more digitally driven and fast-paced.

What comes next for UC?

The unified communications market has been fast-growing and quickly diversifying in the past few years, driven by increased demands among business owners for services and solutions that are more affordable and powerful.

Video conferencing markets in focus

Video conferencing has been one the fastest-growing unified communications solutions throughout the past several years, driven by the globalization of markets and the need for affordable collaboration tools across all industries.

Avoiding a common mistake in UC management

Although the primary focus of unified communications projects should be central to the equipment and services entering the corporate framework, businesses must recognize that these new technologies will have an impact on existing infrastructure - especially the network.