More public sector agencies leveraging video conference tools

More public sector agencies leveraging video conference tools

Although the private sector has certainly been at the cutting edge of unified communications deployments in the past few years, notably with the mass shift away from traditional phones and toward Voice over Internet Protocol systems, the public sector has been just as aggressive in its investments. Government agencies from across the country have been especially active in video conferencing implementation, as this tool can dramatically reduce travel expenditures. 

The Shreveport Times recently reported that yet another state agency will begin to offer video conferencing solutions so as to improve customer service and reduce costs associated with in-person meetings. According to the news provider, the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs has announced plans to leverage video conferencing solutions for individuals who are in need of an appeal hearing, which will hopefully speed up the closure of these proceedings.

As a note, these departments in various states, as well as the federal VA, have been called out for their massive backlogs of claims in the past few years, leading many to question the government's ability to care for veterans who are in need of help. 

"Our veterans have been driving for years and years and years and years," Representative Barbara Norton explained. "This is the first time that we've had the opportunity to say that you can stay at home and you can still receive those same services."

This is yet another great example of how powerful UC can be for any type of organization, especially when considering the massive push toward economic recovery that is taking place across industries. Rather than waiting for a problem to proliferate, though, companies would do well to proactive deploy and optimize new communications tools for optimal performances across all departments.