More methods to optimize UC

More methods to optimize UC

Unified communications continues to be one of the highest priorities of the average corporate decision-maker, especially as the diversity and complexity of relevant solutions move on a torrid and upward path. While the services and solutions relevant to implementation and management are generally ubiquitous, many organizations have still struggled to remain ahead of the curve with respect to integration, oversight and optimization. 

Rather than trying to do everything autonomously and running the risk of taking very negative missteps, companies should recognize that managed services will protect assets and investments when support is needed. Many UC vendors are taking a more comprehensive approach to service delivery and management, and this presents businesses with opportunities to affordably get up to speed on communication and collaboration optimization. 

How to get there
Processor Magazine recently explained several steps companies can take to reach more prolific UC performances, affirming that these frameworks are worthy priorities given the ways in which they stimulate efficiency and productivity. The source pointed out that businesses might benefit the most from taking a user-centric approach to provisioning, deployments, adoption and management, as failure to get employee buy-in can quickly hinder the potential performance improvements. 

"Driving adoption is sort of a sticky problem because a lot of IT organizations don't view their role as being the one that really gets out there to track utilization and train users," Forrester Research analyst Art Schoeller stated, according to the news provider. "In fact, our survey data a lot of time shows that one of the leading issues is that a lot of users aren't on the system, or to a certain extent, aren't aware of it. If you build it, will they come? No, you have to actually go out there and get them on it."

Finally, Processor Magazine suggested that companies look to make proactive preparations for the technical management demands of UC. 

Where to begin
The first step in a successful UC strategy is identifying the areas in which the business could be improved through more effective collaboration and communication tools. Then, decision-makers will want to find ways to select products and services which directly align with their needs and objectives. 

Once all of these pieces of information have been ironed out, business owners should look to find and invest in UC providers that can most fluidly meet their needs.