Maximizing the success of unified communications deployments

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As unified communications continues to become a more popular and critical movement in corporate collaboration and IT management, business leaders have been tasked with ensuring the smoothest deployment of each piece of equipment possible in real-time. This can be a relatively difficult pursuit, especially when the firm is just beginning to overhaul its communications frameworks for more modernized capabilities. 

However, many of the challenges that companies will face in this arena are directly related to the collaboration skills of the leaders involved in provisioning, implementation and long-term management. As such, businesses can often improve the efficiency and efficacy of UC-related deployments by getting a high level of buy-in among key players in the organization before making the first purchase on a new piece of communications equipment. 

Simple steps toward better outcomes
InformationWeek recently listed some of the ways in which businesses can avoid the common headaches and obstacles that come along with new UC deployments, affirming that proactive identification of user preferences is critical. Considering the fact that returns on investment will generally correlate with the reception of the new pieces of equipment, getting user buy-in early is a strong step in the right direction. 

According to the news provider, the goal should be to first evaluate and assess the ways in which employees are currently using the equipment available to them, then work to develop a set of objectives that can be aligned with new purchases. The source noted that, in the era of enterprise mobility, smartphones and tablets will need to be included in these types of discussions. 

Finally, InformationWeek noted that networking equipment, servers and other pieces of the infrastructure will need to be evaluated to ensure that the various devices, applications and platforms being implemented will be adequately supported at the time of the deployment. This type of consideration will also tie into the resilience of the systems to outages later on. 

Maximize support
Many organizations, especially small businesses, will benefit from leveraging the solutions and support of a proven UC service provider that can offer a variety of different tools through one centralized contract. At the end of the day, those companies that align their investments most closely to specific objectives will often be the most successful in maximizing the financial, efficiency and productivity benefits that come along with a sound UC strategy.