Initial considerations for UC success

Initial considerations for UC success

Although Voice over Internet Protocol, video conferencing and instant messaging tools have all been around for more than a decade at this point, unified communications is still a relatively new trend for the average business owner. As such, some of the more important steps that need to be taken to ensure a strong performance of each investment in this area are among the most basic, and business owners should always look to leverage expert planning for their deployments. 

InformationWeek recently listed several ways in which companies can avoid major headaches following the implementation of new UC-related equipment, software, techniques and solutions. As is the case with virtually every type of new corporate initiative, the effort and diligence that is put into the early planning stages will often dictate the overall success of the programs throughout their life cycles. 

The source suggested first taking stock of user behaviors and preferences, looking to identify specific areas of resistance to change and developing strategies to get past these obstacles. Additionally, the preparations that take place behind the scenes will also need to be covered as early on in the provisioning process as possible, especially considering the reliance upon backend systems seen in the UC arena. 

According to the news provider, network cabling and hardware should be prepped and evaluated to ensure that they can support the new equipment, while mobile devices and other phones will need to be integrated into the new UC infrastructure. 

At the end of the day, many companies will benefit from using a centralized provider of UC services, as this will streamline the implementation and long-term management process. From easier configuration to a relative lack of interoperability issues, one vendor for multiple investments can pay off dividends down the road.