Health care providers hopping aboard the UC gravy train

Health care providers hopping aboard the UC gravy train

Medical organizations have long been at the cutting edge of technological advances and deployments, but this has become especially true in the past 16 years since the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act was passed. This landmark legislation worked not only to instill a safer, more secure practices among those firms that manage patient data, but also to motivate decision-makers to begin leveraging more advanced technologies. 

Unified communications has been a fast-growing investment among hospitals and other medical organizations, as leaders continue to try and ensure the most efficient, productive and accurate completion of tasks. These firms have already started to do some incredible things with video conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol, mobility and more, and a new report indicated that these trends are going to continue on an upward track. 

Unifying the hospital
Frost & Sullivan recently released the results of its Future of IT in the Healthcare Industry from an IT Decision Maker Perspective survey, which found that UC is actually the area ripest for growth in the current market. While other technologies have certainly gained traction in terms of implementation, utilization and investment, the analysts affirmed that UC will enjoy the highest expansion rates in the next few years. 

The firm also discovered a few differences in provisioning and strategy between larger and smaller medical organizations. 

"A boost in productivity is the top reason for IT investments in large hospitals, small-to-medium-sized hospitals, and ambulatory service centers across the US and Europe," Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Karolina Olszewska stated. "In addition, large hospitals tend to invest in IT solutions to improve collaboration and accelerate decision-making, while small hospitals use these solutions to attract and retain their workforce."

Finally, the researchers stated that medical industry decision-makers are looking for solutions that come with the strongest support and customer service. 

Small business takeaways
With all of the communications technologies entering the average workplace at breakneck speeds, decision-makers need to begin to realize the value of a system that can create optimal cohesion among all of the moving parts. If the past few years have proven nothing else, it is that more diverse and advanced communications equipment will continue to gain stronger adoption on a large scale. 

By partnering with a proven provider of UC solutions, small businesses in virtually any industry can begin to enjoy the same advantages seen among health care providers.