Health care providers capture the power of video conferencing

Health care providers capture the power of video conferencing

Video conferencing has been one of the hottest aspects of unified communications in a variety of industries throughout the past several years, as it might actually be the most financially beneficial component of the overarching strategies available today. These tools can quickly reduce the amount of money spent on travel each year, while simultaneously boosting the efficiency and speed with which employees can communicate and meet. 

InformationWeek recently reported that Hospice of the Western Reserve has started to leverage video conferencing tools to connect patients to their families when the parties are far away from one another. According to the news provider, the officials from this health care organization were looking for equipment that would be simultaneously affordable and easy to use, while security is also a major need for these types of businesses. 

All communications that take place in health care sector organizations are generally governed by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, meaning that compliant and secure frameworks must be in place to avoid fines and sanctions. The source explained that this particular hospice has had good experiences with the technology since it was first implemented, and that leaders knew what type of solution they needed right from the start. 

"We didn't want a sys that took an hour of staff time," Hospice of Western Reserve's Director of Residential Services Bob Plona explained. "We wanted to be able to use technology for a bunch of things, and one of them was to enhance the patient and family experience. This was one of the things that was very clear we needed to have to improve the person's end-of-life care."

The application of video conferencing technology are relatively boundless, and businesses continue to apply the tools to a greater variety of operational functions with the passing of each year. By customizing the approach to utilization, companies can get the most out of UC solutions.