Embracing mobility helps small businesses save time

Embracing mobility helps small businesses save time

Most small business owners are forced to complete a wide range of tasks that leaders at larger organizations don't necessarily face. As a result, time is a precious commodity for startup leaders, and it's one that is often in short supply. 

Fortunately, modern technology can help startup leaders better manage their time to focus on tasks that are essential to running a business. 

According to CSO, the recently published Intuit Australian Small Business Mobile Study found that entrepreneurs can save a significant amount of time by embracing mobility. With smartphones and tablets becoming more advanced, mobile devices are proving to be a real boost to workplace efficiency. 

Approximately 63 percent of respondents to Intuit's survey stated that they saved 7.5 hours per week by using mobile gadgets for work processes. That comes out to nine work weeks annually. 

In particular, younger business owners are leading the mobile charge in Australia, which is a trend that has been seen in a number of other markets. In fact, the source asserted that Gen Y startup owners are on their mobile devices an average of five hours each day, more than the average three hours per day all business leaders spend using their smartphones and tablets. 

On-the-go work possible 
The reason business owners are able to save so much time using mobile products and services is because they allow entrepreneurs to accomplish more tasks on the go. Instead of being at the mercy of a long commute, for example, owners can easily check and respond to their emails while they ride the subway into the office. 

This increase in efficiency is one of the main reasons so many companies have embraced mobility and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement. Giving employees the freedom to use personal devices for professionals purposes can encourage them to take a more proactive approach to working, as they are more likely to access corporate systems from the road or at home. 

While these are positive trends, owners need to work with their IT teams to ensure their companies have a policy in place to monitor and control data. Kroll reported that there is a worrying trend emerging in the corporate world in which many second-hand devices are found to contain sensitive work-related data

This means that a hacker could easily access a corporate network, just by purchasing a smartphone that a former employee has resold. For this reason, it's important for IT leaders to have plans in place to securely wipe mobile devices of all corporate data in case a worker leaves the organization. 

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