Do you have an instant messaging system in place?

Do you have an instant messaging system in place?

Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services, enterprise mobility and video conferencing have prevailed as three of the hottest topics when discussing unified communications in virtually any organization, and for good reason. Each of these three market segments represents significant opportunities to improve operational performances and spend management, while users have appeared to become quickly engaged with the technologies. 

However, small business owners should not forget about another, less spoken-about component of unified communications, which is enterprise instant messaging. This technology, which has been around for more than a decade now, is increasingly viewed as an effective and viable way to communicate in business, and today's employees will likely demand access to systems such as these for their daily collaboration channel needs. 

The benefits of instant messaging
Business communications technology has undergone massive transformations in a relatively short period of time, with the consumerization of IT having one of the more profound impacts on the ways in which companies provision. When looking around the workplace, or virtually any environment these days, it should quickly become clear just how popular instant messaging is among today's employees and consumers. 

As such, having a unified system in place to integrate instant messaging into standing UC frameworks can enable safe, secure and productive communications among employees through this simple medium. 

Tech Radar reported that instant messaging is so savory for employees and business owners because it can work virtually anywhere and at any time, it is more flexible and intuitive than many other communication methods, and it does not take long for a message to reach the intended recipient. Virtually every staff member in any workplace is going to have a phone that is at least capable of instant messaging, and enabling the use of these tools for business purposes can represent a big step in the right direction. 

More advantages in practice
Remember, too, that enterprise instant messaging will generally be a bit more complex and powerful than the ones that come standard on mobile phones. For example, there are options out there that allow instant messaging to be used similarly to email, with employees attaching files and accessing the system from different locations and devices, further unifying communications in an acute fashion.

Rather than simply allowing employees to use their own text messaging services for work functions, small business owners should consider taking these channels to the next level with comprehensive UC integration.