Do not shy away from BYOD management demands

Do not shy away from BYOD management demands

Enterprise mobility has become one of the hottest trends in the public and private sectors, as more organizations push to enable more fluid operations for remote workers. Additionally, the cost savings of bring your own device have further driven interest in policies that allow employees to use their personal smartphones, tablets and portable computers for work functions. However, legal and security risks must be mitigated to ensure a progressive experience with BYOD. 

CSO Online recently explained some of the ways in which organizations can sidestep legal dilemmas that often come with BYOD policies. Because the devices are owned by employees, and most often will have a combination of personal and corporate data or applications, the employer will run into issues when security risks pop up or monitoring procedures step on privacy rights. 

According to the news provider, the first step is to ensure transparency in the BYOD program by clearly defining the various aspects of the policies and explaining them to employees. When staff members have had an opportunity to understand and digest the potential issues that might arise during their participation in the program, the chances of legal problems will inherently decrease. 

The source added that those leaders responsible for overseeing the BYOD strategy should be direct and cunning when facing the uncertainties that will almost always arise. This trend is still relatively novel, especially for certain businesses that do not have robust IT and communication frameworks. Maintaining a certain level of honesty and openness with all participants is not just helpful, it is crucial. 

Corporate decision-makers will also likely benefit from using a UC solution provider that can enable more robust use of personal devices, such as those that offer video conferencing applications and mobile VoIP tools. By covering the productivity and security sides of the BYOD coin, performance optimization will be right around the corner.