Keep an eye on telecommuters’ behaviors

Unified communications has ushered in a new era of corporate productivity, driven by more flexible working environments in which employees can access networks and data from a wealth of locations, so long as they have Internet-connected devices.

When was the last time you adjusted UC security frameworks?

Unified communications have become a far more prolific aspect of corporate technology provisioning strategies in recent years, driven by organizations' need to have more efficient, integrated and affordable collaboration utilities in place.

The facts of VoIP

Businesses, especially smaller firms, have become more aggressive in their pursuits of modernized communications and technology infrastructure the past few years, driven by both the diverse options available and the need for the most advanced collaborative capabilities possible.

Video conferencing’s spread remains in health care

Public sector agencies, multinational enterprises, small businesses and many others have been aggressively pursuing more robust video conferencing solutions in the past few years - and for good reason.

Is BYOD security improving?

Bring your own device was once a novel trend that many believed would be short-lived and fleeting, but it is now one of the more important aspects of corporate computing and operations in virtually every industry.

Getting a handle on BYOD security

In the past few years, BYOD has been one of the hottest trends in corporate computing, especially as smartphone, tablet and portable computer manufacturers become a bit more creative in their designs.

Poor management becoming an issue in BYOD progress

Bring your own device has been one of the hottest trends in corporate computing throughout the past several years, while companies have seemed to remain behind the eight ball in terms of strategic management and oversight.

One sector continues to struggle with BYOD management

Although businesses in a variety of industries, as well as public sector organizations, have been challenged by the management and security requirements of BYOD over the past few years, health care is likely the most at-risk.

Strategic oversight critical for BYOD optimization

The BYOD trend has become one of the more prolific and transformative movements in corporate computing in the past several years, and has further expanded the definition and capabilities of the overarching unified communication market.

Trends in BYOD management

Although enterprise mobility has been around for several years running, BYOD continues to throw a wrench in corporate communications and IT management frameworks.