Are you ready for video conferencing success?

There is no denying that unified communications is a more legitimate area of investment for organizations in virtually every industry, with small businesses becoming specifically more engaged in Voice over Internet Protocol and video conferencing strategies.

Trends in VoIP adoption and use

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have been among the most common initialĀ investments in the unified communications realm, and this has remained consistent since the early 2000s.

Canada, other nations pulling behind VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol could be considered as one of the first steps the world took toward unified communications, as it offered companies opportunities to connect their traditional phone functionality to Web-based services.

VoIP demand growing, and here is why

When a new technology makes waves right out of the gate, some experts and analysts will begin to question just how long growth can be sustained, and this has certainly been a theme among unified communications tools.

More public sector agencies leveraging video conference tools

Although the private sector has certainly been at the cutting edge of unified communications deployments in the past few years, notably with the mass shift away from traditional phones and toward Voice over Internet Protocol systems, the public sector has been just as aggressive in its investments.

VoIP diversifying, businesses reaping the benefits

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have quietly and quickly become some of the most highly demanded aspects of unified communications, with a growing majority of organizations making the switch away from traditional equipment and toward these digital, feature-rich options.

How to better manage VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the primary pieces of equipment that businesses provision when beginning to overhaul their communications frameworks and replace them with modernize tools.

UC positively impacts the corporate bottom line

The massive transition away from traditional phone services and toward modern Voice over Internet Protocol business systems has had a profound impact on organizations from around the world, as well as of all sizes and in virtually every industry.

Simple steps toward stronger UC returns

Many companies will cite stronger spend management performances as a core reason for adopting unified communications solutions, and the level of savings that can come from these investments are significant.