Canada, other nations pulling behind VoIP

Canada, other nations pulling behind VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol could be considered as one of the first steps the world took toward unified communications, as it offered companies opportunities to connect their traditional phone functionality to Web-based services. Not only did this drive down the cost of certain types of calls, it also helped to open the gates for more robust unification of communications solutions across the board. 

The United States was one of the first to truly embrace VoIP, but other nations have ramped up their efforts to enjoy the benefits of these services in the past few years. The Epoch Times recently reported that Canadian businesses are becoming a bit more aggressive in their deployments of VoIP business phone lines, especially as decision-makers have started to realize that there are very few challenges and complexities that come with these technologies, while the advantages are significant. 

According to the news provider, the big game changer is contained within the ways in which accounts are charged and billed out, as the voice connections are transferred over Internet networks, reducing the overall cost of using these tools extensively for business purposes. Furthermore, the source noted that the ability to connect VoIP functionality to mobile devices has further improved prospects for the market, as companies continue to become more remote and mobilized. 

The Epoch Times noted that a recent study from Research and Markets forecast the global VoIP market to exceed 348 million subscribers in the next six years. 

Small business owners, regardless of where their operations might be located, who have not yet considered deploying these advanced communications solutions should do so soon, as the strategic advantages that come along with UC are significant and consistent across industries.