Are companies really saving money with UC?

Are companies really saving money with UC?

One of the most commonly discussed benefits of unified communications technologies is the ability of the services to reduce expenditures while simultaneously bolstering the collaborative power of a given organization. However, one might begin to wonder if the tools really are that otherworldly with respect to general spend efficiency in the public and private sectors, and this is reasonable to question given how many fads have hit the media in the past two decades. 

Business owners who do not believe it, though, should dig a little deeper into their research regarding the breadth of organizations that have openly and actively saved a significant amount of money through the deployment of UC technologies. It goes without saying that returns on investment will not be high automatically, and that it will take diligent planning and plenty of strategic oversight to enjoy the financial advantages of these solutions. 

Big player, massive reward
First and foremost, small business owners will often have the most to gain from UC solutions given their need for affordable alternatives to traditional communications capabilities. In fact, while the raw savings might be a fraction of what larger enterprises are seeing, entrepreneurs should keep everything in perspective, knowing that a little financial benefit can go a long way for their operations. 

One example of a major enterprise deploying UC and seeing significant cost reductions is Virgin Media, which Computer Weekly recently reported saw its travel expenses go down by 20 percent following the deployment of a more robust collaboration package. In a word, the technology's enablement ability to enable remote work seemed to have the most positive impact on the company. 

"People were having to work longer hours to maintain the same productivity, or productivity was dropping because people could not work the extra hours," Colin Miles, director of IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Services at Virgin Media, told the source. "Now we have found that people are more engaged through having the ability to conduct a lot more meetings remotely."

Hard work, support
Small business owners who understand that their experience with UC and collaboration tools will be entirely contingent upon their own approaches to deployment and management will likely be a bit better positioned to excel with the technology. Those who want to ensure that all solutions are deployed and managed properly should consider partnering with a reliable UC provider right from the start.