A quality VoIP systems can transform a small business’s communication platform

A quality VoIP systems can transform a small business's communication platform

Modern technology has changed the way professionals communicate with each other. With smartphones and Internet-based contact channels, today's employees are capable of reaching out to colleagues and clients rather quickly. 

Despite the advances made in the telecom field in recent years, many enterprises still rely on legacy systems to communicate. In particular, small businesses appear to be the most hesitant to invest in new technology. 

Small business penetration lags
According to WhaTech, a recent survey from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found the VoIP system usage rate for small companies is much lower than that for larger organizations. The source reported that 39 percent of medium-sized firms use VoIP, while just 28 percent of small businesses leverage the Internet-based channel

While many companies may contend that VoIP platforms are too complex to manage, that's not the case. In fact, VoIP offers a number of useful features that can make any company more dynamic in the way they handle their communications challenges. 

VoIP makes businesses appear larger
TechRepublic noted that the right VoIP setup can make a small business appear like a bigger organization due to the advanced systems associated with the technology. 

For example, VoIP can be connected to the front door of an office building, allowing receptionists to buzz in visitors, making the company appear efficient. While that benefit may be considered purely aesthetic, there are a variety of other perks that make VoIP an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses. 

The source indicated that many VoIP systems come with find-me-follow-me technology. Such tools allow calls to be automatically rerouted to mobile phones in case an employee is out of the office. For small businesses, this is an essential feature. Startups tend to have smaller employee bases when compared to large organizations, so making sure workers are available at all times is key. With find-me-follow-me, small business teams can make it easier for clients to contact them as needed. 

VoIP is starting to become the favored telephony technology in a number of markets, even if small businesses have avoided switching to the platform. Across the world, VoIP is increasing in popularity, in both the professional and consumer sectors. In fact, many telecom providers in the United States are considering switching from traditional land lines to VoIP-based infrastructures. This shows just how powerful VoIP has become. 

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