A note on interdepartmental buy-in for UC success

A note on interdepartmental buy-in for UC success

When technology procurement procedures do not involve collaboration among the leaders in each department, issues can arise following the eventual deployment. This is especially true when the equipment falls into the unified communications category, seeing as these solutions will be integral to everyday operations in virtually all departments across a business. 

Padraig McGarrigle, writing for Mobile News, recently explained that some companies are having particular struggles when trying to get individuals in the marketing arena involved in UC, and that this might be because of poor packaging on behalf of IT managers. In fact, the author went so far as to say that vendors might not be making the products as appealing as they should to get more widespread buy-in among various types of professionals. 

From an IT perspective, this is not necessarily a huge deal, as the solutions will work to benefit employees whether they like the names associated with each tool or not. However, from a managerial standpoint, having as much buy-in among staff members before investing in a new set of solutions is somewhat critical, and the ways in which the strategy is communicated across departments should be a focus. 

McGarrigle stated that the UC industry at large might be in need of a makeover, at least in terms of the names that are attached to solutions and the general descriptions. Considering the fact that many of these solutions have names that are simple descriptions, such as Voice over Internet Protocol, McGarrigle might have a point. 

However, names aside, the business should always work to get each department involved in the procurement process to ensure smooth deployments and long-term success with the investments. This way, the company will be on the same page at the outset of new IT and UC strategies down the road.