5 ways cloud-based unified communications tools improve productivity

Here are several reasons why UC can improve productivity.

One of the biggest advantages for cloud computing in general is the boost to productivity it can bring a business. When IT teams don't have to spend time troubleshooting their own networking equipment and data center technologies, they can instead spend more time working on business-improving functions and deploying innovative projects.

This productivity boost goes double for employees using cloud-based unified communications tools, even beyond the IT department. Let's take a look at five key ways cloud-based UC solutions can improve your employees' output and help your company increase the bottom line:

1. Greater flexibility

The cloud offers more flexibility in how you strategize and scale your business, and UC solutions also tout this important benefit. It's one of the greatest advantages to having a tool built to your own specifications. It empowers employees to choose their own UC features – like video conferencing, text messaging and email – and apply them to multiple devices if they so desire.

"Choosing a UC system housed 100 percent in the cloud and built around the user gives employees the flexibility to select the UC features of their choice that, then, follow the user to whichever device they choose – all without the need for IT staff to make changes to the device itself," wrote B2B News Network contributor Jeff Blackey. "This increased level of flexibility improves productivity and encourages collaboration."

Video conferencing is only one of the important capabilities that increases your team's flexibility and productivity.Video conferencing is only one of the important capabilities that increases your team's flexibility and productivity.

2. Voice messaging and voicemail capabilities

With voice messaging, employees can record and send voice messages instead of utilizing some other form of written communication like email or texting. This can save them time when they need to relay a message to a co-worker or business partner. If necessary, sensitive information can be spoken in a recording instead of sent via text, preventing malicious actors from capturing conversations that way. In addition, this method can save time for traveling employees that don't have access to their computers.

3. Better decision-making

With the collaborative capabilities of the cloud combined with the inherent communicative powers of UC, organizations can ensure their managers and other decision-makers have the right information in front of them at all times in order to make effective choices. Since everyone is using the same platform to communicate and share important documents, the veil is lifted and managers can make decisions without worrying about whether or not they have the most up-to-date data.

4. Combined apps for efficiency

Unified communications applications are just that – unified. When employees are using disparate apps on different platforms, this can cause confusion, duplicate effort, waste time and decrease efficiency – just what you don't want. If you invest in UC solutions, everyone is on the same platform, looking at the same information. There is no need to re-type messages for different apps, so employees can be efficient and effective in their communications.

"Telecommuting is made possible thanks to the power of UC solutions."

5. Easier to work from home

Telecommuting is becoming a more popular way to do the nine-to-five grind. According to a poll conducted in 2015 by Gallup, 37 percent of U.S. employees telecommute at least some of the time. And, believe it or not, working from home has a positive impact on productivity. A study conducted by Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom found that telecommuters working for a call center took 13.5 percent more calls – in other words, they were that much more productive than their office counterparts.

The added productivity could be the result of a number of things.

"[T]he people at home worked more hours," Bloom stated. "They started earlier, took shorter breaks, and worked until the end of the day. They had no commute. They didn't run errands at lunch. Sick days for employees working from home plummeted."

Telecommuting – and this increased productivity – is made possible thanks to the power of UC solutions that keep remote employees connected to the rest of the business.

It's time to invest

It's clear that organizations that choose to invest in cloud computing gain a competitive advantage over businesses within the same industry that do not tap into the power of the cloud. That competitive advantage is strengthened greatly by also leveraging the productivity benefits of cloud-based UC solutions.

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