3 ways UC can impact customer service

How does UC improve customer service?

Unified communications technologies continue to change the way businesses operate for the better. Being able to connect all forms of correspondence to one system brings quite a few benefits to the table, especially for companies with call centers that depend on successful customer interactions to increase satisfaction scores. With the unified-communications-as-a-service market projected to grow steadily over the next few years – as a report by MarketsandMarkets shows it will be worth $24.88 billion by 2020 – it's clear that companies are taking advantage of UC.

Here are three easy ways that UC impacts customer service strategies:

1. Increased worker productivity
Network World contributor Chris Daly said that originally, productivity was seen as a soft benefit of UC. Now, however, increases in productivity are translating into a better return on investment for those companies that allow their workers to communicate with customers over a variety of platforms. By understanding UC usage, companies can see where their employees are best utilizing their time and then capitalize on that metric.

"Maintaining a high rate of first-call resolution increases customer satisfaction."

2. Increased presence and first-call resolution rates
According to Customer Think contributor Bidisha Gupta, UC helps strengthen customer response strategies with built-in presence technologies. These tools allow customer service representatives to see which of their co-workers have a history of working with a particular client and which ones are available to take an incoming call. In this way, customers can be matched up with either the same person they have previously talked to or with someone just as likely to know how to solve their particular issues instead of waiting on hold for long periods of time for an available representative.

Presence tech, therefore, helps boost the rate of customers whose issues are resolved the first time they contact a call center. First-call resolution has an important impact on quality and costs, according to Customer Think contributor Bruce Belfiore. The main draw of maintaining a high rate of first-call resolution is that it increases customer satisfaction – but that satisfaction in itself potentially leads to economic impacts as well. If the contact center isn't achieving first-call resolution for the majority of its client interactions, this could lead to troubling losses for the company. UC can help with that.

UC helps to increase productivity and first-call resolution rate.UC helps to increase productivity and first-call resolution rate.

3. Better audio quality and multi-channel capabilities
Another way that UC positively impacts call center satisfaction scores is the fact that when calls take place over an IP address rather than a landline, audio quality can be enhanced. According to Gupta, this can give customers the impression that employees are speaking with them privately, which in turn leads to higher overall satisfaction.

In addition, by bringing multiple communications capabilities under one roof, so to speak, UC solutions allow service representatives to interact with customers via a variety of methods. Instant messaging and video conferencing are both possibilities with UC. It's capabilities like these that allow workers to correspond with people via their preferred platform – if customers are more comfortable with their method of communication, they're more likely to be satisfied at the end of the day.