3 tips on customer engagement through contact centers

When you pair customers and agents, both parties come away more satisfied.

When it comes to engaging clients and ensuring their experience with customer service representatives is as effective, productive and positive as possible, companies have to cultivate a strategy that includes both clients and employees. Customer engagement begins at the point of sale, but it continues when they contact service operators, and engagement is a critical part of this process.

Contact center tools are transforming how organizations do business with their clients and improving the methods by which customer service issues are resolved. By investing in this kind of technology, organizations can guarantee better interactions and thus in the long run increase sales.

Plenty of companies are finding this to be true – according to Research and Markets, the global vertical for contact center technologies is predicted to grow at a compound annual rate of 10.64 percent from 2016 to 2020. In addition, Technavio found that the market will be worth $9.7 billion by 2019. This is all to say that contact centers will continue to be an important part of companies' customer service strategies – so it pays to know how to effectively engage clients.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a high level of customer engagement by using contact center technology:

"The contact center market will be worth $9.7 billion by 2019."

1. Derive insights from analytics

One of the main benefits of implementing contact center tools is that every interaction is catalogued and stored within the system so you can see patterns in customer issues. This way, organizations can identify pain points in the service process and see what's working and what's not in terms of resolving these problems.

According to BizTech contributor Karen D. Schwarz, it should be the goal of the customer service department to turn the contact center into a customer engagement center – and that begins with the data.

"You have to be able to quantitatively identify where the interactions you're having with your customers are meeting your mission statement and when they aren't," Matt Holbrook, a contact center solution architect at CDW, told Schwarz. "Based on the results, put together a program that provides training and mentoring to staff so it can meet those objectives and transform it into an engagement center."

2. Empower employees to use those insights

When using contact center solutions, employees have access to each customer interaction no matter which employee was the primary contact. This allows ongoing tickets to be handled by multiple people without having to repeat themselves or explain their unique situations to more than one service representative.

After all, a good customer experience depends on the service representatives they interact with, so ensuring that employees are armed with key insights from contact center analytics is the best way to provide the best experience right away. This can improve ratings immediately and help your organization to remain competitive in the long run by solidifying a positive reputation.

Empowering employees to use the insights gained from analyzing customer data produces better services in the long run.Empowering employees to use the insights gained from analyzing customer data produces better services in the long run.

3. Pair up agents and customers

Another method Schwarz mentioned as a way to improve engagement in the contact center is to match up service agents with customers based on which form of communication they're most familiar with.

"There are different skill sets required depending on the channel, and the typical call center agent who is used to interacting via phone might not have the right skills to interact well in a chat session," said Tim Smith, a senior analyst at Nemertes Research.

By using skills-based routing techniques, organizations can make sure agents with the highest level of comfort are paired with customers with similar needs. For instance, a customer who is most comfortable with chat or messaging services should interact with an agent who is well-versed in the medium.

These three tips can help move your company closer in terms of making sure customers are fully engaged when they interact with your service department. Contact center technology, when used as intended, can greatly improve customer service strategies.

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