3 reasons to focus on UC security in 2015

3 reasons to focus on UC security in 2015

Data breaches, network infiltration and myriad other attacks have plagued the public and private sectors throughout the past several years, while the frequency of events has appeared to speed up more recently. Small business owners are often preferred targets among hackers given their relative lack of budget and resources to protect themselves and, while many entrepreneurs would think that IT is the only component in need of fortification, unified communications systems are also at greater risk today. 

Here are three reasons why small business owners should focus on UC security in the coming year:

1. Mobility
Let's just get this one out of the way. Enterprise mobility is likely the fastest-growing segment of the UC market, as evidenced by several studies. For example, Visiongain reported this month that mVoIP solutions are representing 85 percent of growth in the Voice over Internet Protocol arena. 

Mobile devices and apps are also among the most significant threats to security. Work with your UC provider to ensure that your enterprise mobility plan is not opening you up to major attacks. 

2. VoIP attacks
Whereas VoIP phone systems were rarely the target of hackers in the past, an increasing rate of events that threaten this equipment has been recorded in recent years. VoIP systems work over Internet protocol – not landlines – making them inherently susceptible to threats, especially considering how sophisticated and diverse the average hacker has become. 

Again, working with your UC provider to come up with a plan to protect the security and privacy of your VoIP phones will be a big step in the right direction. 

3. Costs, damages rising
Major attacks can come with a variety of different damages. For one, firms that experience a significant breach might not be able to access their VoIP or video conferencing solutions for a certain period of time, while the direct losses of sensitive data will further compound issues for victims. There is no perfect way to become immune to attacks, but proactive and diligent planning can make a world of difference when an event comes to pass. 

Focus on comprehensive management of information and systems, working with any IT and UC providers closely to clearly understand what needs to be done to protect the business. In the same vein, make sure that all contracts and agreements are clearly understood and followed by every party to avoid major vulnerabilities.