3 lessons for small business video conferencing users

The video conferencing technology circulating throughout the public and private sectors today have had a profound impact on the ways in which businesses communicate both internally and externally.

IVR: An invaluable contact center tool

While it does not receive the same level of attention as video conferencing and instant messaging, interactive voice response can and should play a key role in enhancing contact center capabilities.

How far can you take VoIP?

One of the prevailing themes in the unified communications market has been the empowerment of mobile workforce members with all of the tools and support they would regularly access when in the office.

Another indication of market UC’s potential

Cloud computing, mobile devices and big data have been among the most commonly discussed trends in corporate technology throughout the past several years, while reports indicate a growing rate of business budgets are being directed toward enhanced security capabilities.

Are companies really saving money with UC?

One of the most commonly discussed benefits of unified communications technologies is the ability of the services to reduce expenditures while simultaneously bolstering the collaborative power of a given organization.