Keep an eye on telecommuters’ behaviors

Unified communications has ushered in a new era of corporate productivity, driven by more flexible working environments in which employees can access networks and data from a wealth of locations, so long as they have Internet-connected devices.

Protect VoIP systems from new threat

One of the greatest advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol business phone services is that the technology essentially digitizes traditional communications, making them more affordable over time, and often more reliable to boot.

Keeping pace with UC’s evolution

As small business owners become a bit more aggressive in their unified communications and IT investments, the need for forward-thinking continues to intensify, as future-proofed provisions will tend to yield the strongest returns over time.

How do you provision UC?

Businesses have started to invest more in advanced unified communications technologies that bring together all of the smaller collaboration tools that have become so popular in a relatively short period of time.

More methods to optimize UC

Unified communications continues to be one of the highest priorities of the average corporate decision-maker, especially as the diversity and complexity of relevant solutions move on a torrid and upward path.

Canada, other nations pulling behind VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol could be considered as one of the first steps the world took toward unified communications, as it offered companies opportunities to connect their traditional phone functionality to Web-based services.

When was the last time you adjusted UC security frameworks?

Unified communications have become a far more prolific aspect of corporate technology provisioning strategies in recent years, driven by organizations' need to have more efficient, integrated and affordable collaboration utilities in place.

VoIP demand growing, and here is why

When a new technology makes waves right out of the gate, some experts and analysts will begin to question just how long growth can be sustained, and this has certainly been a theme among unified communications tools.

Integration key in UC success

It should be no surprise that the average organization is directing more of its annual budget toward unified communications, enterprise mobility and advanced technologies of many kinds.