A closer look at why UC is growing in certain markets

The global economy is now in full swing, as businesses - especially smaller, entrepreneurial ventures - that would once have never been able to operate internationally begin to leverage advanced technologies and communications solutions to broaden their horizons.

Are you properly managing VoIP?

Unified communications is still somewhat new to many small business owners, especially some of the tools contained therein such as Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems and video conferencing solutions.

VoIP’s growth potential still growing

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems have been around for the better part of 15 years, and many small businesses have made the transition toward these investments more recently.

Video conferencing especially popular in judicial systems

One of the core benefits of video conferencing has always been the ability to better connect parties who are far away from one another, and the globalized economy has certainly catalyzed more growth in the market for this reason.

Trends in UC adoption, utilization

The unified communications market has expanded and diversified dramatically throughout the past several years, both within the innovation of the actual technologies and the ways in which businesses are using the tools.

UC abroad might indicate trends back home

Emerging markets are some of the best locations to look at when trying to evaluate trends - both current and forthcoming - in the Western world, especially as developing nations have been accelerating in their deployments of advanced IT and communications technology.

Inside the advantages of video conferencing technology

Video conferencing has quickly become one of the most beloved aspects of corporate communications, especially among businesses that have various operating facilities that are far apart from one another.

What to expect in forthcoming UC trends

Unified communications has been one of the hottest movements in corporate IT spending throughout the past several years, driven by the demands of companies to have ways to connect employees and clientele in far off regions.

Patterns in UC deployments

Unified communications continues to be one of the most widely discussed topics among boardroom leaders and employees alike, as the ability to integrate all of the collaboration in use at a workplace can have significant advantages from the bottom to the top of any organization.

Is BYOD security improving?

Bring your own device was once a novel trend that many believed would be short-lived and fleeting, but it is now one of the more important aspects of corporate computing and operations in virtually every industry.