All signs point to the great VoIP migration

Voice over Internet Protocol, the centerpiece of many unified communications strategies, continues to become more popular among businesses of varying sizes.

Keep it together: BYOD security for beginners

The bring your own device trend has provided many companies with opportunities to capture the productivity and efficiency-driving power of smartphones, tablets and portable computers.

UC drives success in BYOD programs

The bring your own device trend continues to be one of the highest priorities of decision-makers in the public and private sectors, and this has been evidenced by the massive expansions in relevant communications technology markets.

UC demand forecast to continue rapid growth

Unified communications have represented some of the more common provisioning priorities in the average business for the past several years, as companies work to ensure the most cost-effective approach to internal collaboration and information sharing.

Potential video conferencing solution applications expand

Although Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems are often the centerpiece of unified communications strategies, video conferencing utilities continue to become more popular among private and public sector firms.

Tips for stronger BYOD strategies

Bring your own device has been one of the hottest trends in virtually every industry and sector throughout the United States for the past few years, as the power of smartphones and tablets continues to expand.

Video conferencing’s popularity catching on

Unified communications has been a high priority of many executive decision-makers throughout the past several years, and video conferencing tools continue to act as a centerpiece for these investments.

The secure side of unified communications

Although many business leaders are now clearly educated in the dangers of mismanaging email and other Internet security, these needs in light of unified communications have not yet gone mainstream.