• For government, military, and commercial power users.
  • TLS and SRTP encryption, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
  • 8030X Button Expansion Module

Unlike a traditional softphone that is meant to handle calls to and from a single user, the Voice Operator Panel is tailored for a single user to efficiently manage numerous inbound calls to any number of organizational recipients.


Teo's Voice Operator Panel integrates natively with Outlook contacts, LDAP directories, XMPP, MSN, and CRM application.


The Voice Operator Panel can be used as a standalone softphone utilizing computer peripheral speakers and microphones, Bluetooth wireless headsets, or can be slaved to an analog or Teo VoIP phone to handle calls

In the Know

VOP provides full extension presence and activity status monitoring (ringing, busy, available) with call details and call interception.


Call Hold

Double-click to pick up or put call on hold.

Attended Call Transfer

Transfer one call to another by using intuitive drag/drop or context menu.

Blind Call Transfer

Transfer to a phone by using intuitive drag and drop or context menu.

Caller/Callee Photo Display

Caller/callee photo with title/company shown when available.

Call Status/Priority Display

Icon shows call status, background color shows processing priority.

Call Time Display

Time since call has been offered or connected is shown.

Call Rejection

Calls can be manually rejected, anonymous/unidentified callers can be automatically rejected.

Call Forwarding

Configurable delay allows incoming ringing calls to be automatically forwarded.

Call Overflow

Concurrent incoming calls can be limited by the user.

Instant Message

Send instant message to phones.

Outlook Integration

Outlook contacts with photos can be imported.

Messenger Integration

See Windows/MSN/Live Messenger users presence and send messages.

Direct Dialing

Dial phone number by typing it or select last dialed numbers by clicking icon.

Voicemail Status

Displays number of voicemail messages, bolded for new unread messages.

Voicemail Quick Call

Click on voicemail icon to quickly call voicemail.

Latency Tracker

Network latency checked regularly and displayed through small icon.

Missed Calls

Missed calls are shown and can be clicked to call back.

Call Log

List of incoming/outgoing calls with status, can be sorted/searched.

Desktop Alerts

Use alert window buttons to pick up/reject incoming calls (caller information/photo shown when available).

Tray Icon

Manage calls, change status, view voicemail/missed calls without showing the application.

Drag and Drop

Place outgoing calls, transfer calls or copy users from one directory to another.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pick up calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls, hang up calls, tag calls, search directories, load CRM, send e-mails, browse web, enter notes.

Call to URL

Click on call-to URL from web browser, application calls the number.

Global Call Shortcut

Select any phone number from any application and press Windows-C to call.

Echo Cancellation

An adaptive echo canceller with noise reduction.

Voice Effects

Enable voice effects to modify the pitch of voice, add reverb or mix background sounds.

Local/External Directories

Configurable directory can contain local users (company staff) or external users.

Directory Filtering

Select which information and contacts are shown in a directory.

Directory Search

Enhanced search by multiple filters.

Directory Import/Export

Each directory can be exported to vCard, CSV, XML, imported from vCard.

Caller to Directory

Call context menu allows callers to be quickly added to directory.

USB Phones

Supports several USB phones without extra drivers and with full range of keys/buttons.


Choose from the same skins as the Microsoft Office 2007 suite (blue, silver, black) or Media Player.

Adjustable Font

Adjust font type/size for better readability or accessibility.


English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish languages supported.

XML Configuration

XML configuration file offers parameters giving ITSP full control over end user application behavior.

XMPP Integration

See the XMPP users presence, send messages, and transfer files.

Custom Music on Hold

Set up personal music on hold from a wav file.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded to files.

LDAP Support

Directories can be loaded from a LDAP server.

Presence Publication

Publish presence to a proxy or presence server.

Provisioning System

Option allows application to update through the network and manage customers remotely from APS server.

Online Web Settings

Built-in web browser can display additional online web settings page at the IP PBX or at the ITSP.

Separate Servers

Supports one single server acting as a proxy, presence, and voicemail server, with the option of up to 3 separate servers.

Remote Logging

Multi-level/layer logging system with syslog support for easy remote debugging.

Customizable Workspace

Change the windows layout based on user preference.

Call Held Time Display

Time since call has been put on hold is shown.

Call Held Time Warning

Time since call has been put on hold turns bold/red when a configurable value is reached.

Call Interception

Intercept calls using phone context menu.

Web Browser Window

Window lets the user browse internet/intranet web pages without leaving the application.

CRM Window

Caller/callee records can be loaded in a dedicated web browser window.

Slave Phone Mode

Use any analog or VoIP slave phone to handle calls.

Blind Call Transfer Queueing

Queue incoming call until busy target is available, than auto transfer call.

Phone Presence Details

Show active call details when available (number of calls, call direction/state, caller/callee name).

Call Destination Display

Incoming calls display the destination/dialed phone number identifying which company/service is called.

Call Tagging

Tag incoming calls with custom information to ease processing.

Auto Answer

Incoming ringing calls can be automatically answered and put on hold.

E-mailer Window

E-mailer window lets the user quickly send e-mails without leaving application.

Notepad Window

Notepad window lets the user write notes while managing calls.

Phone Presence

Each phone contact supports phone presence when available.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

When concurrent calls are limited, extra incoming calls are forwarded or rejected.

Unlimited Directory Entries

Directories contain lists of users with photo and multiple contact information fields when available.



Headset options are available from other manufacturers.


Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (with .NET 2.0 or later framework installed)


  • UDP/TCP/TLS SIP (RFC 3261, 3263, 3264, 3581, 3891, 4028, 4488, 4916)
  • SDP (RFC 4566, 4568)
  • RTP (RFC 3550)
  • SRTP (RFC 3711)


  • G.722
  • G.711
  • G.729

DTMF Signaling

  • In-band, Out-band (RFC 2833)

Presence and Messaging

  • XMPP (RFC 3920, 3921), MSN (Windows/MSN/Live Messenger installed)

Phone Presence

  • Dialog (RFC 4235)
  • Presence (RFC 3856) PIDF/XML (RFC 3863) RPIDF (RFC 4480)

Own Presence

  • SIP PUBLISH (RFC 3903)

Phone Messaging

  • SIP MESSAGE (RFC 3428)


  • Message-summary (RFC 3842)

Call Transfer

  • SIP REFER (RFC 3515)

Microsoft Outlook Support

  • Versions 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000


  • English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish

Videos & Documentation

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