Headsets for Mobile Devices

Any headset compatible with your mobile phone or tablet can be used with Teo Softphones.

Wireless Headsets for PC / Mac

Wireless headsets typically use the Bluetooth protocol. Many computers have Bluetooth built in; an inexpensive USB or card Bluetooth adapter can be added to computers that do not have this capability.

Corded Headsets for PC / Mac

Teo Softphones are compatible with standard USB or audio headsets. Adapters are available for headsets that have a single audio plug, such as those designed for mobile phone use.

Connection Options

The Headset button on the phone controls the hookswitch, and a call can be switched to the handset or speakerphone.

Wireless Headsets

PC / Mac Softphones are compatible with any Bluetooth headset.

Many computers have built-in Bluetooth capability.


If the computer does not have built-in Bluetooth, a USB Bluetooth adapter can be used. Desktop computers can also use Bluetooth cards.


Corded Headsets

A USB headset can be connected to any USB port.

An audio headset can be plugged into the computer's speaker/headphone and microphone jacks. If using a headset with a single 2.5 mm plug (mobile device headset), use a mobile headset adapter.

Headset Manufacturers

Teo IP phones can work with most headset brands. Please contact the headset manufacturer of your choice for more information about the differences in various model headsets and headset types.



Jabra (GN Netcom)