• For government, military, and commercial power users.
    Integrates into
  • TLS and SRTP encryption, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
    Shows User's
    Presence and
    Allows Calls
    or IMs

The Teo Add-in for Outlook integrates the Teo Softphone directly into users’ Microsoft® Outlook® workspace. With a streamlined user interface, the plug-in allows users to call and message contacts, see contacts’ presence, and access voicemail all within their Outlook window, greatly increasing the speed and efficiency with which users can communicate. Available for Windows only.


Message Reading Pane-Presence

Displays presence of each user; click phone number to call or IM to message.

Message Reading Pane-Voicemail

Notification of unheard voice mail messages; click to dial and listen.

Contact Window

As in the reading pane, you can click to dial a call or send an instant message.


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