Presence awareness is one of the driving functionalities of unified communications. It enables everyone to publish their own presence and view the presence of others in their company and on their teams. This drives substantial productivity improvements in several ways.

  1. People can view the published presence of someone before they call. This allows them to avoid leaving voicemails and enables them to either IM that person, email them, or to contact someone else who is available to address their inquiry or issue immediately
  2. Presence makes it seamless to collaborate with people both on site and those working remotely. Because presence works on all of Teo’s desk phones, softphones, and your favorite Android and iOS devices, everyone can stay connected wherever they are. This unifies distributed teams so they can be more productive.

Teo’s intelligent presence engine lets you configure customized call handling rules for each presence status.

It is like having your own personal assistant routing calls for you.

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