When a 911 call is detected, the Teo UC system instantaneously notifies designated responders with detailed location, preferred access route, medical, and hazardous material proximity of the caller via screen pops, mobile text and email alerts.

Offsite notification is also sent to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), which enables the location of the call to be determined.

Responders can acknowledge notifications, listen to calls in progress, and respond with the appropriate emergency response procedures provided by the alert. This improves emergency response effectiveness in high-stress situations.

Always-on 911 call monitoring ensures emergency location awareness both onsite and off. With call-recording, calls can be recorded and archived and responders can click to listen to calls in progress on their computer. Mobile workers can be notified via text messages anywhere they are, with detailed information of the 911 event and a dial-in number to monitor the call in progress.

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