Unlike other companies that only do cloud, or only do premises deployments, Teo is designed to do both. At Teo the solution is paramount, and deployment is a matter of customer preference. That means when you present Teo, you don’t have to change gears between different vendors to help customers decide on a solution when they consider deployment methods. This makes Teo far easier to present and sell.

Cloud Solutions

Teo’s cloud solutions are built on a highly resilient infrastructure with multiple datacenters dispersed across North America providing geographic resiliency. Leveraging Teo’s R3ND architecture Teo solutions offer multiple layers of complete application and storage resilience. This means no voicemail is lost, no call recording goes missing, and no critical data requires a painful archival or restore process. All user data is replicated in real-time across our infrastructure for comprehensive application resiliency.

Premises Solutions

Teo premises solutions offer customers all the applications enjoyed by Teo cloud customers with the capability of managing the systems’ physical infrastructure and PSTN circuits themselves. Premises customers are capable of readily adding multiple Teo R3ND nodes for geographic resiliency utilizing their own private network.

Hybrid Solutions

Teo Unified Communications and Call Center Solutions offer a hybrid deployment option called Cloud Plus. Cloud Plus deployments combine all the advantages of a Cloud Deployment: low start up costs, predictable low monthly subscription payments, and a vendor managed solution and infrastructure; with the added advantage of on-site R3ND node for complete system resiliency even in the event of a last mile ISP disruption.

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