Teo Analytics helps you go beyond wrestling with big data, to viewing big answers

A core capability of Teo Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions is the ability to extract, review, and analyze key data sets to determine efficiency, sales, and support metrics.

Teo solutions have always included advanced data querying, filtering, and custom report generation. However, in listening to our customers we often learned that they were exporting the Teo data, and then manually converging that data with 3rd party data sets, which was repetitive and time consuming. Since the time to process the data was considerable the task was done at lengthy intervals, so real time views were not available.

We recognized this as an opportunity to expand the capabilities of our platforms to include a robust analytics engine which brings enhanced visualizations to the existing data sets, but also enables the integration and real time cross data set analysis. This allows managers and executives to avoid the once timely chore of generating repetitive reports, and provides immediate dashboards correlating their key metrics wherever they are on any browser capable device. Hence, helping you go beyond wrestling with big data, to viewing big answers and opportunities.

Teo Analytics default configuration includes advanced data visualizations of all Teo data formatted in a manner where each dashboard answers key questions. Some of these questions include: What is my busiest time of day, or day of week? Who are my most productive employees? How many calls per day did our advertising campaign generate?