Call recording is essential to your contact center because it grants you the ability to monitor your operators’ performance and also ensure the quality of service provided to your clients.

Teo Contact Center allows you to have simple and intuitive access to your recordings. It also provides a grading system which is integrated to the recording system and with which operators can be evaluated according to the skills required for campaigns. This ensures a rapid response mechanism when facing operators who are straying from campaign objectives.

Call Recording

  • Recording of inbound and outbound calls
  • Total, on-demand, and selective recording in agreement with predefined criteria
  • MP3 format
  • 350 Kbytes per minute stored
  • Indexed storage
  • Export capabilities to MP3 files for post-processing
  • Integration with quality and operator rating systems
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Chat Recording

  • External chats, with clients
  • Internal chats, between Agent and Supervisor
  • Indexed storage
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Recording Review and Management

Teo Contact Center provides a tool that allows instant filtering, searching, recovering, and reproduction of calls that are stored in the Recording database. The search criteria can be:

  • Range of dates

  • Range of hours

  • Call duration

  • Caller Id

  • DNIS

  • Campaign

  • Agent

  • Call / Voice Mail

  • Customizable parameters

Once a recording is identified, an MP3 file with the call’s audio can be generated simply with a click.

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