Teo Contact Center enhances the customer experience and operational efficiency utilizing advanced outbound communications capabilities.

Key Components of Outbound Communications Handling

Outbound Engine

Outbound Engine is a powerful outbound multimedia interactions manager that includes:

  • Call progress analysis
  • Outbound IVR
    • Voice Blasting
    • No Answer
    • Busy
    • Out of Service
  • Outbound e-mail
  • Outbound SMS


Call list management and dialing rules tool

Contact import and management tool

DNC compliant (Do Not Call List)

Multiple time-zone handling

Handling of rules and lots

Agent applications screen-pop-up on call transfer

Dialing pace fine tuning

Dialing Modes

The system Administrator can easily select which dialing mode to use for each campaign:


When it detects an available agent, Teo Contact Center reserves the agent, calls the corresponding contact, and then transfers the call to the reserved agent.


On the basis of statistical data, Teo Contact Center predicts when an agent will be available and makes a call. This dialing mode – which is effective as long as there are an adequate number of agents and calls have, in general, a similar duration – also evaluates the progress of calls and transfers calls to agents only when they detect a live voice (it discards no-answer, busy and out of service tones).

Voice Blaster

Voice Blaster is an automated, highly effective solution for carrying out political and community service campaigns, as well as mass marketing of products and services, using prerecorded messages. This facilitates reaching thousands or millions of recipients rapidly and at very low cost. Teo Contact Center provides simple, agile mechanisms for the upload and storage of contact databases as well as a complete system of reports and statistics. This provides an automated service platform exceptionally suited for organizations with large numbers of clients or prospects.

  • Outbound calls via lists

  • Outbound scheduled calls from agents interactions

  • Outbound emails from agent PC

  • Emails on demand from IVR

  • Outbound SMS from agent PC

  • Outbound SMS from IVR

  • SMS Blasting from Outbound Engine

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