Teo Contact Center’s IVR system allows clients to consult and update information without agent intervention, thereby freeing up human resources. It vocalizes menu options or prerecorded information and captures the responses clients make on their telephone keypad, such as username and password, before providing them with information stored on databases or other storage systems.

The IVR can also transfer calls to a contact center agent, along with client-relevant information, or send an e-mail with information related to the request made.

The flexibility of Teo Contact Centers IVR facilitates the resolution of simple applications such as pre-service systems, of complex data capture and validation scenarios, accessing information from diverse systems (data bases, legacy systems, etc.), vocalization, and sending of information by e-mail or SMS.

It incorporates design capability for Dynamic Navigation menus, customized according to client profiles and based on business rules.

In addition, changes can be made on-the-fly to the IVR’s behavior, in real-time and without having to interrupt the system’s operation.

All definitions of the IVR’s logic flow are done from the graphic design tool, Teo Contact Center Flow Designer, without having to write programming code. Navigation flows in existence on VXML can also be used.

Thanks to its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and native integration with Teo Middleware, the IVR can be integrated with diverse data bases, legacy systems, mainframes, and interact with transactional systems.


Teo IVR provides native integration with:

  • Teo Contact Center ACD
  • Teo Contact Center Middleware
  • Teo Contact Center Outbound Engine
  • Vocal Technologies (TTS / ASR)

Benefits for the Company

  • 7x24 availability – clients can access at any time
  • Increases Agent productivity
  • Option to receive reports and statements via e-mail
  • Autonomy in obtaining information

Benefits for the Client

  • Cost reductions by freeing human resources from repetitive tasks
  • Improved customer service
  • 7x24 service
  • Filtering and purging of data bases
  • New business opportunities (raffles, voice blasting)

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