Teo Contact Centers are complete technology and telecom solutions which offer you a great deal of flexibility while eliminating complexity, management costs, and risk.

Contact Center Technology can be deployed in either cloud, premise, or hybrid deployments.


With Teo Premises deployment, system core equipment is installed on the customer premises, offering total control of the solution and enabling local PSTN access. This can be the best option when local connectivity is critical, or long-term circuit contracts are in place. In-house or contract IT staff must be capable of managing the solution.


Teo Cloud deployment customers enjoy a predictable monthly expense that includes Contact Center applications, and telecom costs in a single bill. Everything is handled by Teo and our partners for a worry-free experience, with very little IT resources required.

As new system upgrades are made available, they are automatically applied minimal service interruption, so you are always up to date with the latest software versions and capabilities, without having to budget for costly system upgrades.

Teo Cloud + deployment customers enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution with the added security and resiliency offered with an onsite Resilient Node.

This is an important improvement over basic cloud offerings, as the weakest link in any cloud offering is the data connection between the customer location and the cloud-based service.

The local Teo Resilient Node is not a simple gateway that only offers a partially operational dialing plan. It is a fully-synchronized replica of the cloud system and supports all the capabilities of the cloud offering in the event of a network disruption.

Telecom Services

Teo offers integrated telecom capabilities specifically designed for contact center requirements. High availability, instantly scalable trunking allows for substantial cost savings compared to using traditional PSTN connections and standard SIP trunks.

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