Teo Contact Center CTI allows all relevant information about the customer that will be attended, such as account statement, latest purchases or payment history, to be displayed on agents’ PCs simultaneously with the inbound or outbound call.

Teo Contact Center offers various CTI mechanisms that integrate the Contact Center platform with numerous management applications on agents’ PCs, such as CRMs and collections or telesales applications. From the Administration console you will be able to select the desired integration mechanism, the method to identify your clients, and the desired mode in which to carry out the integration.

  • Third party applications integration (API, DDE, DLL, URL)
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Integration with Teo Contact Center Scripting
  • Integration with Teo Contact Center IVR with transfer of context
  • SDK for integration:
    • Web Services
    • JAVA
    • .NET
    • COM ActiveX
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Teo Contact Center provides design tools that permit the creation of applications, data capture forms and dialogues which are pre-integrated to the system.

After having designed a form with the Teo Script Designer tool, all that needs to be done to achieve automatic screen-pop-up functionality is connect it to a campaign.

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