Teo Contact Center Administrator permits managing, from a unified contact center web console and in a centralized manner, all the resources of a contact center. As it is an all-in-one solution, developed entirely by a single manufacturer, management of the entire system is easily carried out from a single interface.

Better still, the detailed supervisor view can be custom designed to present any information you would like to monitor in real-time.

Campaign Settings

  • Break-modes definition
  • Campaign definition and configuration
  • Agent and supervisor assignment Campaign parameter definition:
    • Threshold time per service level
    • Wrap-up time and mode
    • Maximum wait time
    • Campaign audios
    • Voice-mail activation
    • Wait-time announcement
    • Campaign Scheduler (validity, dates, times, exclusions)
    • Required skills
  • Interactions per campaign definition
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Dialer Administration

  • Dialer mode configuration: preview, progressive, predictive
  • Dialing rules configuration
  • Contact import and management
  • Dialing list management
  • Dialer on/off console
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Platform Administrator (“hosting”)

  • Web tool for virtual call center provision and configuration
  • Virtual Call Center resource provisioning:
    • Telephone carriers
    • IP trunks (H323, IAX2, SIP)
    • Digital Trunks (PRI – R2)
    • DNIS
    • Telephone extensions
    • Routing groups
    • Time zones
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Dialing Rules

Teo Contact Center technology permits the setting-up of rules for dialing and client follow-up, automatically calling them at home, work, cell phone, or elsewhere.

Dialing rules can be personalized in order to optimize contact indices, while at the same time adhering to best practices and ethical standards of the contact center industry.

The system Administrator easily defines how often to call which telephone numbers, on what days and at what times, how often to retry depending on the call results and what to do if the client cannot be contacted.

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Contact List Management

Teo Contact Center’s predictive dialer provides a sophisticated contact management tool that permits contacting only those clients who qualify according to the active campaign.

For example, if you want to contact all adult males living in the city of Boston to offer them life insurance, you can do so easily from the contacts administration screen.

Furthermore, Teo Contact Center provides mechanisms to recycle contact lists by applying filters with logic operators, evaluating results obtained during calls and previous attempts.

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