Teo Contact Center ACD is a multi-campaign, multi-media, multi-site solution with capabilities for blending, hot-desking, and tele-work.

Interactions that reach Contact Centers should be distributed based on some predetermined criteria. Teo Contact Center ACD allows the system Administrator to configure a variety of distribution criteria and also provides the option of personalizing the distribution along advanced models that take into account client profiles and relevant business data.

Standard Distribution

  • Circular Distribution
  • Work Load Balancing
  • Inverse Load Balancing
  • "Skills-Based Routing" by campaign and by type of interaction
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Advanced Distribution

  • Call Parameters (ANI, DNIS, IVR context)
  • Campaign Data
  • Client Profile (account balance, etc.)
  • Business Data
  • Priority Rules
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The system allows the simultaneous handling of multiple campaigns and agents can work on various campaigns simultaneously.


A campaign can process interactions coming from or directed towards multiple and diverse communication channels. For example; telephone calls, e-mail and web chat.

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Universal Interaction Queue / Blending

Teo Contact Center ACD operates a universal interactions queue that permits distributing to a single agent any type of interaction, independent of its nature. Furthermore, the ACD can be configured to apply different distribution rules depending on the type of interaction.

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Hot-Desking and Tele-Work

Agents are not tied to a desk. They can occupy any physical place as long as they register on the system with their username and password. An agent could even be out of the office and work from home over a broadband internet connection.

In addition to the mentioned functionalities, Teo Contact Center ACD allows:

  • Configuration of maximum waiting time
  • Customized messages per each individual campaign: welcome, waiting, etc.
  • Estimated wait time announcement
  • Overflow handling
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