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Unified Communications

Teo Unified Communications Solutions lead the industry in capabilities, resiliency, and reliability.

UC Partner Benefits

Channel Partners have the flexibility of becoming a Teo partner as a cloud only, premises only, or joint partner. This flexibility allows partners to position Teo solutions as they see appropriate within their existing solution portfolio. Additionally, Teo makes it easy to add certifications when the time is right.

The Teo Unified Communications (UC) Suite

Teo Unified Communications (UC) suite enables organizations from small businesses to enterprise to communicate with greater ease; improving relationships and helping them achieve greater operational efficiencies, so they can accomplish more in less time.

The Teo UC suite seamlessly integrates presence, instant messaging, voice, video, mobility, and collaboration tools in a singular suite. The suite integrates with existing systems, installs in minutes, and doesn’t break the budget. Customers can choose to buy the technology, subscribe to cloud services, or create a hybrid deployment.

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Contact Center

Modern businesses face an increasing demand to increase their communications capabilities with their clients while simultaneously maintaining strict cost controls. Teo Contact Center is designed to do just that. Adding Teo Contact Center to your solution portfolio can help you meet this growing customer requirement and move your organization upmarket in terms of the level of sophisticated solutions and business value you are able to provide your clients.

Partner Benefits

Modern businesses face an increasing demand to increase their communications capabilities with their clients while simultaneously maintaining strict cost controls. Teo Contact Center is designed to do just that. Adding Teo Contact Center to your solution portfolio can help you meet this growing customer requirement and move your organization upmarket in terms of the level of sophisticated solutions and business value you are able to provide your clients.

Technical Highlights

Teo Contact Center is a full multimedia customer interaction suite which allows for voice, instant messaging, SMS, web chat, fax, social media, and email communication flows. Our Contact Center utilizes extremely advanced routing logic that is capable of leveraging any data set an organization may have.

Teo Contact Center allows organizations to create superior customer service and sales capabilities without cost prohibitive integration and implementation costs. Customers can choose to buy the technology, subscribe to cloud services, or create a hybrid deployment.


Teo Analytics empowers organizations to go beyond digging through data, and into a world where answers are available on any web-enabled device in real time. Where multiple data sources are converged automatically, and where advanced algorithms provide reliable predictive analysis.

Multi-Dimensional Views

Teo analytics provides multi-dimensional data views that automatically correlate call traffic with geographic locations of calls and callers, as well as integration with Google Analytics to easily correlate web traffic and campaign activity with call statistics.

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Teo Analytics can also integrate and cross correlate data sets from virtually any legacy on site, or cloud based service to generate exactly the dashboards you need to use to manage your business. Teo implementation teams can handle all the configuration and dashboard design so you can focus on your organizational goals, instead of data science.

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Predictive Analysis

Teo Analytics includes advanced predictive analysis capabilities which can help with staff planning, marketing, sales, and support activities.

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Unlike other companies that only do cloud, or only do premises deployments, Teo is designed to do both. At Teo the solution is paramount, and deployment is a matter of customer preference. That means when you present Teo, you don’t have to change gears between different vendors to help customers decide on a solution when they consider deployment methods. This makes Teo far easier to present and sell.

Cloud Solutions

Teo’s cloud solutions are built on a highly resilient infrastructure with multiple datacenters dispersed across North America providing geographic resiliency. Leveraging Teo’s R3ND architecture Teo solutions offer multiple layers of complete application and storage resilience. This means no voicemail is lost, no call recording goes missing, and no critical data requires a painful archival or restore process. All user data is replicated in real-time across our infrastructure for comprehensive application resiliency.

Premises Solutions

Teo premises solutions offer customers all the applications enjoyed by Teo cloud customers with the capability of managing the systems’ physical infrastructure and PSTN circuits themselves. Premises customers are capable of readily adding multiple Teo R3ND nodes for geographic resiliency utilizing their own private network.

Hybrid Solutions

Teo Unified Communications and Call Center Solutions offer a hybrid deployment option called Cloud Plus. Cloud Plus deployments combine all the advantages of a Cloud Deployment: low start up costs, predictable low monthly subscription payments, and a vendor managed solution and infrastructure; with the added advantage of on-site R3ND node for complete system resiliency even in the event of a last mile ISP disruption.

Teo Technology Comparison

Teo is an agile organization that delivers more innovation in less time.
This capability has allowed us to start ahead of, and stay ahead of the competition.

Teo offers the most comprehensive communications technology portfolio available

Teo offers the most comprehensive business communications technology portfolio available. We readily support small businesses to the Department of Defense, and everyone in between with Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions. When it comes to comparing Teo to other solutions there are two broad and important areas where we differ from everyone else.

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A Better Cloud Solution

Teo cloud solutions offer more capabilities, lower start up costs, and greater profitability than competitive programs.

A better cloud solution

Many Channel Partners are either looking for a more reliable cloud solutions partner they can feel confident in providing their customers, or are trying to find a UC cloud partner program that works with their business model. Teo recognizes this and has designed a compelling partner program that addresses these critical for channel partner needs. Teo offers a more reliable cloud and cloud plus offering with greater security and applications breadth than any competitor. Furthermore, our partner program is structured to help you grow your business and your profitability like no other program can.

A More Scalable System

No small business wants small business capabilities, and no large business wants to pay large business prices, or deal with large system complexities. That’s why Teo delivers a singular platform that supports 1 – 100,000 users in a remarkably easy to use and affordable platform.

Many partners are looking to grow their business by being able to successfully compete with larger customer deployments. Outside of Teo, most UC solutions either can’t scale well, or if they can, are prohibitively expensive and/or complicated to implement and support. Teo’s platform is unique in the ability to successfully support 1 – 100,000 users on the same platform. This means you can reduce training time and costs, compress implementation timelines, and win more business without carrying another vendor solution to do so.

A system that supports larger user bases

A Call Center Solution

Integrating a 3rd party call center with an outdated PBX or limited feature VoIP service is a thing of the past. Teo’s advanced Call Center is built into the Teo Unified Communications Platform.

More and more customers require increasing capabilities from their inbound call center solutions. Most traditional PBX systems and cloud VoIP offerings have limited if any true call center solutions. That isn’t the case with Teo. Teo UC solutions come with built in call center capabilities that customers are looking for: Advanced call routing logic, agent logging, call recording, supervisor monitoring, real time queue manipulation, barge monitor whisper, and advanced reporting.

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Call Center Suite features

A More Affordable System

Teo Solutions are better designed, and that design results in streamlined operations which helps us keep costs below what customers would expect for such an advanced solution. This helps you be more competitive in your market space.

A System That Has More Favorable Market Prices

Every deal has a price component to it, and Teo definitely adds more value per dollar than any competitive solution. This alliance of performance and value makes Teo solutions a powerful competitor in any scenario.

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Better Profitability

Enjoy greater profitability selling better technology. It’s a win-win, no brainer kind of decision.

Teo technologies are far ahead of the competition in terms of technology, ease of use, and partner program benefits, including profitability. Teo offers several distinct advantages over competitor program alternatives. Teo partners enjoy great margins on all solution deployment types. Unlike our competitors, our partner margins haven’t been eroded by partner saturation, or vendor driven erosion of margins. We value our channel partners and provide profitable rewards to prove it.

Call Center Suite features

Low Startup Costs

Teo doesn’t make our ramp up process or certification program a profit center. Therefore, your start up investment will be refreshingly low.

A Partner That Doesn't Cost A Fortune To Get Started With

The thought of adding a new vendor to your solutions portfolio may be accompanied with concerns about certification investments required, and other prohibitive new partner costs. Rest assured, with Teo that is simply not the case. We offer partner programs for cloud only, premises only, and hybrid solutions. Each program has a minimal investment requirement that includes demonstration equipment, as well as comprehensive training and certification for your entire sales and technical staff. Bottom line, we make it easy.

A Partner I Can Trust

Teo has been in business since 1972 and we support some of the most critical communications systems on earth. You can count on Teo.

One concern we hear often from prospective partners, is that they have been burned by other vendor solutions that were not reliable, didn’t stand up to the marketing hype, or didn’t deliver on critical roadmap promises. These concerns are simply not applicable to Teo. We designed our technology and our business processes to outperform the industry in these regards, and we have succeeded to do so for over 43 years and counting.

A Partner With Solutions I Can Trust And Rely On

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