Teo Announces Toshiba Telecom Reseller Transition Program

Toshiba Telecom Resellers were caught off guard last week with the announcement of Toshiba’s abrupt market exit from the telecom space. In response, Teo is offering a Toshiba Telecom Reseller Transition Program to make it easy to support current deals in progress, as well as continuing business moving forward.

Program Details

Toshiba Telecom Resellers that sign up as a Teo Unified Communications Reseller in the next 60 days will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Complimentary online sales training
  • Complimentary online technical training and certification program
  • Complimentary Teo cloud-based demo environment
  • Special reduced price Teo endpoint demo package
  • Bottom-line price matching on all outstanding customer proposals
  • Special system change-out pricing to support installed customer base making a transition