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Presence and Agent Status

The Presence Status or Presence and Agent Status pane at the top of the screen is always visible.

Presence Status Pane
Presence and Agent Status Pane

Presence Status

You can select a status option from the drop-down list that shows your availability, and enter a custom text message in the field to the right of the status setting. Both are visible to all other users. Incoming calls can be routed to selected destinations based on your Presence status.

Your Presence status can also be changed automatically based on your work schedule.

The Presence status options and their typical uses are:

The ON HOLIDAY, ON VACATION, and AFTER HOURS states are automatically set by your work schedule. You can also manually select these presence states.

Agent Status

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) automatically routes callers to available agents. If you are designated as an agent for one or more ACD queues, you can set your availability status in this pane.

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