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General Device Parameters

The parameters and options that appear on the right side of the Device Assignments screen vary, depending on the phone device that is selected in the device table. Some values are predefined, but you can set some of them, as explained below.

To view and configure settings for a particular device

  1. Select the device you want to view and set parameters for from the device table.
  2. Review the parameters of interest and set or change the configurable ones. General Parameters (depending on phone device) may include:
    • DEVICE TYPE and LABEL – The system administrator sets these values when initially assigning the device.
    • 8030X INSTALLED – This option is selected if you have the 8030X Button Expansion Module configured with your IP Phone 7810.
    • MAC ADDRESS (if displayed) – This is a unique identifier that is read from the phone device after it has been installed.
    • INSTALL PASSWORD (if displayed) – The system administrator can set a password to restrict access to the Install Menu on the phone.
    • OFFHOOK RINGING – Incoming calls ring at a muted volume level when you are off-hook on another call. You can select NORMAL (continuous) ringing or a SINGLE burst of the ringing pattern.
    • VOICE MODE – You can select the HANDSET or HEADSET option. In Headset mode, all dialing that automatically selects a line will connect to the headset.
    • VOICEMAIL KEY – If you select AUTODIAL PIN, the system automatically dials your voicemail PIN when you press the VMAIL key. If you select USER ENTERED PIN, you must manually enter the voicemail PIN when you access your voicemail.
    • SPEAKERPHONE – The system administrator can set this feature to ENABLED, DISABLED, or MONITOR (which is listen only).
    • DIALING MODE – This preconfigured setting can be NORMAL (regular dialing), WARM DIAL (which automatically dials a specified destination if no number is dialed before the timeout), or HOT DIAL (which automatically dials a specified destination immediately).
    • TIMEOUT – In NORMAL dialing mode, this value determines the amount of time the phone waits after a digit is dialed before sending the dialed digits to system for call processing, if the user did not initiate sending by pressing the 'SEND' soft key. A value of 0 (zero) allows an unlimited time for dialing, with no timeout. In WARM DIAL mode, this value determines delay after the user goes off-hook before automatic dialing.
    • DESTINATION (if displayed) – This is the destination number for HOT DIAL and WARM DIAL.
    • RING TONE – You can select the ring tone used on your phone (IP Phone 4101 only). For other phone models, ring tone is selectable on a per line basis in Multifunction Key Settings.
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