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Configuring the Speed Dial Directory

The Speed Dial Directory tab lets you configure speed dial numbers in your Teo phone's internal speed dial directory. This directory is separate from individual speed dial numbers that can be assigned to unused keys.

The NAME field is the label associated with the speed dial entry in the phone. The NUMBER field is the speed dial number.

The number of available keys and the NAME field length varies between phone models.

To add a speed dial entry

  1. If necessary, select a different page of the Speed Dial Directory.
  2. Click in a NAME field, and enter the name you want to use for this entry.
  3. Click to the right in the key's NUMBER field, and then enter the number you want to use as the speed dial entry (maximum 128 characters).

    Enter a # character at the end of the speed dial number to automatically dial the number (without selecting SEND). To enter a Pause in the dialing string, enter a P character.

To delete a speed dial entry

  1. Click in a NUMBER field in the Speed Dial Directory table.
  2. Delete the characters in the NUMBER field.

When you are finished editing speed dial numbers, click Save to store the configuration.

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