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Inbound Call Routing

Presence-based call routing is a powerful feature that lets you create and activate special inbound call handling rules based on your Presence Status. For example, you can define which extension or cell phone number to ring if you are BUSY, ON VACATION, or NOT AVAILABLE. Up to four destinations can be defined for any presence state.

You can change your presence status manually from the User Portal, or from some phone devices such as the Teo IP Phone 9160 or mobile devices running Teo Softphone. Presence status can also be automatically changed based on your work schedule.

Note – the OFFLINE presence state occurs when you have no phone device registered with the system (e.g. your phone is unplugged); other presence states are user-settable.

To configure inbound call routing rules

In the example below, calls will ring at both your main extension and your cell phone when you are available. If the call is not answered within 18 seconds, it will be sent to voicemail.

Presence Agent Pane
  1. Select a row in the Call Routing table to configure rules for a presence state.
    Editable fields are shown below the table.
    Call Routing Editable Fields
  2. In the 1st DESTINATION field, select the first destination device from the dropdown list.

    Some destinations are pre-defined; you can add custom destinations in the DESTINATIONS list.

  3. In the first RING field, select the number of seconds to wait before ringing the second destination (6 seconds equals one ring cycle). Select AND to ring the first and second destinations simultaneously.
  4. Continue configuring additional destinations as needed.

    If you select None for the 2nd or 3rd destination, all further destinations are disabled.

    If you select Voicemail for any destination, all further destinations are disabled, since Voicemail will always answer the call.

  5. In the Call Routing table, check the box in the Update Presence column to Update Presence Based On Work Schedule for this presence state.

    Check the box in the SCREEN CALLS column to enable Call Screening for this presence state.

  6. Click Save when finished.
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